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Welcome to Extravagant Properties, a quality real estate investing company located in Northern New Jersey. Our company's main goal is to help people like you sell their homes fast with a fair cash offer. If you are a homeowner, or have recently acquired a property, and you need to sell fast for quick cash, then we are ready to help!

Our offers are competitive, and based on current and accurate market analyses and comparisons done in your area.

Our promise to our customers is we will always be understanding of your unique situation, we will be there to listen and make sure our offers and our services are tailored to your needs the best we can. We recognize that selling a house can be stressful, and we know everyone's situation is different, and that is why we approach every deal transparently and with integrity.

Our number one goal is to create win-win solutions for homeowners and investors so that everyone walks away from a deal feeling good about their outcome.

We pay all cash for houses, close quickly, and buy the property in it’s current condition. Plus when you do a deal with us we always cover all the typical selling costs so there are no commissions, hidden fee’s, or closing costs.


At Extravagant Properties we pride ourselves on being a family owned business that treats everyone we do a deal with as if they are family. We personally handle and manage all of our transactions, so there will be one point of contact that will be there with you every step of the way.


Types of Homes We Buy

  • Pre-Foreclosure

  • Ugly Houses

  • Distressed Houses

  • Inherited Properties

  • Problem Properties

  • Hoarders

  • Failed Septics

  • Major Repairs Needed

  • Tired Landlords

  • Job Relocation

  • Vacant or Abandonded

  • Tennant Occupied

  • Liens

  • Divorce

  • Failed MLS Listings

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